If you have found your way onto our website, you may already have an idea of the benefits of building a new home or addition the Modular way versus the conventional “stick-built” way.

Aside from the climate and weather issues that impair the Stick-Built home process, some of the benefits of building a Modular Home versus a Stick-Built home include: Cost factor, quality assurance, design options and flexibility, technology, warranty and structural integrity. These benefits can be further defined as follows:

Modular Homes offer more value for the dollar. The cost is controlled by the factories who purchase materials in volume and waste is minimized by re-utilizing materials in other sections of your home or in another home built in that same factory - this would be impossible on a stick-built home construction site - Could you imagine saving a piece of 2x4 lumber and trucking it to a storage unit until you find the use for it (for a cabinet frame in another home for example). Factory workers are employed year-round and therefore cost less than a contractor for a given home. The cost savings is passed on to you.
Modular homes are built to the highest building code standards. As each unit of a Modular Home needs to be transported and/or craned into place, each unit must have separate structural integrity. These units are therefore built with 30% more lumber than Stick-Built homes and provide better insulation.
A finished Modular Home is more resistant to North East extreme weather conditions. Factories also maintain a climate-controlled environment where work can continue in any season and weather condition. This is an advantage as far as controlling mold for example; no material is damaged due to weather conditions during the construction process. Accidents and the loss of materials due to on-site theft are minimized.
Factories utilize the most updated equipment. This assures that all corners are square and walls are plumb. Both the inside and the outside of a Modular Home are built simultaneously and are therefore tighter with regards to air flow. This makes a Modular Home 80% ENERGY STAR® qualified from the factory, translating in lesser costs to make it 100% ENERGY STAR® qualified upon request.
Every Next Generation Modular Home comes with a 10 yr. structural warranty!

To help you further identify the benefits of Modular and the difference between Modular and Stick-Built, please take a minute to review our Building Timeline section, where we show a side-by-side list of steps required to build a 3,000 Sq ft. conventional "stick-built" Home versus building a Next Generation Modular Home.