When selecting a home builder for your Long Island, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut modular home, here are some criteria to consider.

Buying a new home may be one of the most important investments you will make in your life; choosing the right builder for your new home is as important as selecting the style and options of your new home. Your primary goal is to find a reputable builder that will deliver a high quality home that meets your own personal interests and needs. The following criteria can help you through the process of selecting the right custom-homebuilder.

The best way to learn about a builder is to visit homes they have built and talk with the owners. Questions you should ask include:

Are you happy with your Home?
Did the builder you select do what he promised in a timely manner? On time?
Did the builder listen to your requests?
Was the builder responsive to your needs?
Would you buy another home from this builder?
Would you recommend this builder to a friend?
Did your house come in "on-budget" as promised?

Quality of Work
When examining a home, inspect the quality of the finishes, such as cabinetry, trim work, and paint. Ask the builder to review the list of custom features that are standard in each house as well as the safety features and product lines (brands) that are used. Always keep in mind that just because a home is less expensive, that does not mean it is a better value. Building a home requires incredible attention to detail and you should be confident that your builder values this philosophy.

Review the warranty and find out what type of service you can expect after you move into your home. These provide valuable information, including how to care for the new home, as well as warranty and maintenance information on each product or appliance within the home.

Doing your homework and understanding how custom builders work will give you the confidence you need to correctly select a custom builder that's right for your own specific needs.

We hope that Next Generation Modular’s reputation for uncompromising service and the quality of our work on every project will make your task of selecting the right builder, a simple one. We look forward to working with you on your project!