Professional Support

Next Generation Modular offers its customers the following:

Project Partners:
Next Generation Modular’s engineering, management and executive teams all have extensive experience in land development and are prepared to advise and offer feedback on your upcoming projects. [This team includes all individuals involved in approving the job site for your project]

Design Flexibility:
Next Generation Modular’s production and engineering teams have extensive experience in working with complex projects and designs allowing us to take on projects other manufacturers may turn away.

On-Site Partnerships:
Next Generation Modular’s onsite team is your partner through the entire construction process. From shipping your home or addition to the final walk-through and warranty monitoring, your assigned Next Generation Modular onsite specialist will be with you every step of the way. [This team includes all of NGM’s Crew]

Customer Care:
Next Generation Modular’s “Customer Care Program” is designed to educate the homeowner on their new modular home or addition. A Next Generation Modular Field Operations Specialist will be in immediate contact with the new homeowner in order to perform a complete customer walk-through of the home along with introducing the homeowner to their warranty protection plan. [The President of NGM is in constant communication – always just a phone call away during the entire process. He follows the job on a daily basis through completion.]

Quality Construction:
All of Next Generation’s Modular Homes & Additions are constructed to the highest building codes. We take the building process a step further by designing and constructing our homes with approximately 30% more structural materials than conventional "stick-built" homes. This is done in order to withstand road transportation and crane setup, but will benefit the homeowner by producing a stronger built home that will last.