Next Generation Modular, Homes & Additions, Inc. Next Generation Modular Homes & Additions, Inc., is a family-owned business located on Long Island, New York. A leader in modular home design, systems-built homes, and commercial modular buildings with over 18 years of experience, Next Generation Modular specializes in building Modular Homes from 1,800 to 11,000 + Sq. ft.

In addition to new home construction, we manage modular 2nd floor additions, easily expanding your existing home, all in approximately a third of the time it would take for a comparable “stick-built” home construction project to be completed.

Next Generation Modular's main office and showroom is located in Farmingdale, Long Island, about 45 minutes from New York City. We oversee modular home building projects throughout the Tri-State area, as far as New York City and Connecticut. We’re proud to offer custom designs, computerized sales system, and factory installation, all overseen from our centrally-located facility.

From valuable project assistance to custom-engineered designs that fit each customer's needs, when you select Next Generation Modular for your building project, you surround yourself with a team of respected industry professionals that has built a reputation for uncompromising customer service.

Unequivocal quality, first class service and the latest in building innovation are some of the attributes that distinguish our products and set us as a clear leader in the construction of Modular Homes. Next Generation Modular’s high standards have earned us widespread recognition within the housing industry.

Welcome!The size and versatility of our manufacturer's production facilities allows for highly-customized and cost-effective modular buildings and systems-built homes to come to life. The persistent search for new materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques, reflects our commitment to give our customers the best possible product while remaining eco-friendly; in fact, Next Generation Modular offers its customers the capability of building a fully “Green” home.

Welcome DoorHomes/Buildings that earn the ENERGY STAR® prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. All of our homes are custom-built to earn the ENERGY STAR® and we are proud to be a builder that has earned the coveted ENERGY STAR®.

Next Generation Modular.
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